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A most unusual event

The live events, arts, film and TV industries are worth billions in revenue to the UK economy.  We fully support the #wemakeevents campaign which highlights the lack of support and inevitable consequences for this fantastic industry that we have been part of for the last 25 years.

We are proud to have worked alongside fellow events professionals to create the North East’s ‘non event’ event, Light it Red. Without immediate support, our industry is at major risk of collapse.

What our industry needs from the Government:

  1. Grants – not loans – made available to businesses in the events supply chain
  2. Furlough scheme extended until the industry is back to work
  3. Extension of the self-employment scheme, tailored to our industry.

We provided the stage risers, backline, front of house mixing desk and instruments. Massive respect to all the companies and individuals involved.

Watch the video on YouTube.

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