Are you looking for professional lighting technicians?

Great lighting has the potential to complement and compound; innovate and inspire. Whether you’re putting on an LED stage show for your clients or running an outdoor festival, no two venues are the same. Our professional and friendly lighting technicians can supply the complete package for:

  • Stage shows
  • Touring productions
  • Music festivals
  • Corporate events.

Create the right atmosphere for your event

When your band, DJ, principal artist or guest speaker takes to the stage, you need the reassurance of knowing that you have an experienced team of lighting engineers behind the desk. With everything from dimmers to strobe lighting, we can create you a tailor-made lighting design that will create a lasting impression.

Great lighting can be the making of a show.

With indoor and outdoor ambient lighting, we can also provide efficient, high output and low energy draw specifications. To enquire about your lighting needs, why not give us a call?

Know your stuff? Take a look at some of our current lighting stock.