Engineered to your requirements

Audibility and good audience coverage is an essential part of every event. From conferences to live music, clarity is the key. With an excess of 20 years’ experience, coupled with state of the art equipment, we will deliver a professional service.

Why settle for anything but perfect sound quality?

As anyone who has run a live event knows, great sound is non-negotiable. From ensuring that your guest speaker can be heard to making sure the whole crowd can hear the headliner, we have an exhaustive range of sound stock designed to provide you with impeccable sound quality. We can provide sound equipment for:

  • Festivals
  • Live music events
  • Corporate functions
  • Private events.

All venues have different acoustics and specifications. At MT Audio Systems, we have invested in state of the art equipment that provides excellent clarity and coverage. We focus quality sound where it is needed – on your audience – with minimal effect on the surrounding environment.

Know your gear? Take a look at some of the professional sound equipment we use.

Our engineers have years of experience in running events, offering quality sound engineering from curtain up to curtain down. To enquire about your event, contact us today.